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Give your eyebrows special attention that will make them look their best all of the time. Maintain a style that seems effortless and simple without all of the maintenance. Forget about waxing, threading, plucking and drawing in when you get your eyebrows permanent. Draw more attention to your eyes when you add on eyeliner as well. It looks as natural as applying normal makeup. We can even provide illumination to really help your makeup look even better. When you choose permanent eyebrows you get amazing results. Get only the best results when you come to us for an eyebrow tattoo in Beaverton, OR.
If you prefer a particular shade on your lips try our permanent lip tattoo. This will last longer than all those lip glosses, stains, and lipsticks. Never will it fade or even smudge when doing your daily routine. We can even help you get an iconic beauty mark that will be your new trademark. By receiving a tattoo this saves time during your morning ritual. You can focus more on getting out of the door quickly and on with your day. When you do this you have no need for daily application. Skip that long process of makeup and go straight for hair.
For an extra pop of color give our permanent eyeshadow along with eyebrows. This will add the right shade each and every time. No more worrying about ruining makeup with an eye rub. Feel free to get on with your life hassle free. Getting a tattoo is very beneficial for those that have poor eyesight. It gets rid of those embarrassing makeup mix ups and allows you to look your best all of the time. If you are visually impaired or are unable to apply makeup this is just right for you.

Get eyebrows that last without the messy process of routine maintenance.

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